Morgan Roberts Photography.



Hi, I'm Morgan


I'm a professional wedding guest.
I fix button holes and stiff drinks.
I take selfies with your grandma.
I dance with your groomsmen.

I don't do fake first dance photos.
I don't do ‘fake’ anything, actually.
I make timeless photographs.


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Give me a holla'


my hometown.

Brisbane, QLD. Australia


my stomping grounds.

Sunshine Coast
Gold Coast
Northern New South Wales, e.g. Byron Bay

also available Overland and Overseas.


packages start from $3500



As a kid I’d often steal Dad's video camera on holidays and muck around, filming the everyday stuff that people were doing. People hated it, but in hindsight it’s probably that kind of thing that planted the seed. It wasn’t until the end of high school that I picked up a camera and started photographing things regularly, but within a few months I had become ‘that guy’ again who always shoved a camera in someone’s face at parties.

I never thought I would become a photographer, let alone shoot weddings. These days, I don't know how I could be anything else. I've done first looks and I've done communication lockdown until the aisle. I've done Anglican and Atheist. I've done backyards and beaches. I've done chapels, cathedrals, car parks and conference centres. Farms, fields and (reimagined) factories. I'm all for elopements and I'm all for festivals. 

None of these things define the kinds of people I like to work with, or the "weddings I do".

I don't believe that weddings are about locations. They're about people, and when I photograph something, I am a part of it. Honestly, I feel at times that I'm more invested in what's happening in front of me than some of your guests. I'm not just a storyteller - I engage, entertain, reassure and guide you whilst we make kickass photos together. I take selfies with the Grandma that doesn't like having her photo taken. I will sing the harmonies to 'Africa' by Toto. I'm still learning to do bowties but I'll do your button holes. I regularly play chauffeur.

I want my couples to look at their photographs years from now and remember what it felt like to be there. If that's the kind of photography you want, then you are my "ideal couple". It doesn't really get any more complex than that.

A wedding day is full of moments that cannot be created; they must be allowed to happen. They're about family, relationships, love; these are the stories I am attracted to and that's what I photograph. My couples let me into their lives for a day (sometimes more!) and that trust is a privilege. 

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