Bec & Jo. Lightspace. Brisbane

I feel like the biggest compliment someone can give you is their trust. They’re literally saying "mate, you do you, we think what you make is great, go nuts”.

Or some iteration of that.

So this was a great day that was based on trust, with many little, meaningful moving parts (but not too many) and a whole lot of human stuff thrown in.

You won’t see all these vendors in the photos but here they are:

Married by Josh Withers

Music by Michael Eotvos

Fed by Gerards Bistro

At Lightspace

Tiff & Craig. The Calile Hotel and Lightspace. Brisbane.
I’m not a crier but I feel like crying every time I look at them (in a good way!!!!). They’re just very personal, special moments captured in a really natural, authentic way. I actually was so nervous in the lead up to the ceremony, and the first look was the best thing we could have possibly done. Seeing him before we were surrounded by everyone else just reassured me that it felt right and everything was fine. I look at the images captured when I wasn’t really aware that they were being taken and it’s clear we’re both just so happy!
— Tiffany
Lizette & Romelyn. Brisbane Elopement.

A couple of years ago, I came up with this tagline of “professional wedding guest”. I feel that I embodied this role most fully when Lizette and Romelyn invited five of their dearest friends, and me, to the registry office in Brisbane to get married, followed by dinner at Blackbird.

Something that I’ve tried to eschew in this career is the distance between me and my couples. I’m a professional, but I also become peoples friends and what I do is very personal and sometimes intimate; it just makes sense that I become involved in the day in a certain way.

If you’re planning a wedding, get your photographer a seat at the table. It works wonders.

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Kids At Weddings.

I was having a conversation with a couple yesterday about “kids at weddings”. I see a whole bunch of chatter about this, to exclude or not exclude, and have come to a few conclusions. 

I’m assuming that the people who ask guests not to bring kids are doing this from some prior experience at weddings where the kids misbehaved. Weddings are an adult system, and like many adult systems they’re structured in ways that don’t make a lot of sense to kids. Why are they all sitting down? Why is there an aisle? Why does Grandad have to dance with Mummy now? Why do we have to go and do all these photos instead of eating cake? CAKE!

I’d argue that the more we start making our own decisions around celebrating, instead of only subscribing to an industry model built on conformity, the more I feel that children will have an easier time at weddings. I’d go as far as to say that they’re the canary in the coal mine for the rest of us. 

Rachael & Maree. Burleigh Heads.

My hope in this life is that I can simply make somebody else’s day better, by doing something that matters to them. My friend Annie got these two on to me, and I remember our first conversation well; basically talking about how great Annie is, and how awesome and scary and exciting planning a wedding was when one of you isn't even 100% out to their family yet. It’s something I’m never going to be able to fully appreciate, but the fact that I was trusted with part of making this whole experience great was humbling. I get to travel all around this country to make photos, but the best part of my job is where someone genuinely takes the time to explain exactly how that work makes them feel. It just doesn’t get any better.

From day one we were looking for a photographer who would capture moments, authentic emotion, and help share our story. Our celebrant suggested Morgan - we Skyped and had such an amazing connection - instantly on the same page. Morgan is a brilliant photographer, who’s eye for genuine human moments is second to none. More than this, he is kind, patient, and makes everyone around him fill with light and laughter. Morgan will always go above and beyond to ensure you have memories for a lifetime - make the awkward moments look beautiful, the thoughtful moments radiant, and the love explode through the lens. He is one of a kind. Thank you for everything Morgan, you captured our day completely.
— Maree and Rachael

Married by Celebrant Lady Love

Styled/Flowers by Down The Aisle

Maree wore Eternal Bridal and Maree wore Bohemian Brides

Partied at the North Burleigh Surf Club

Also, for the keen eyed amongst you, this blog is entirely out of chronological order just because I wanted to try that. So there.