Emily & Luke. Ville Branche. Brisbane wedding photographer.

I'm a big believer in putting good stuff out in to the world. It doesn't always come back to you, all the little things, and that's not the point. Perhaps the one big thing that comes back is meant to be relative to the small things you did. Anyway.

My friend Josh Withers is a celebrant, and he's also a rad dude. I said as much when he asked his wedding industry friends to post stuff about him on a  "friends" page on his website. My post is probably still there. I wrote some more bullshit when I had more time later, but he preferred the first comment.

Fast forward about a year, maybe more... and this enquiry comes through from Emily who said that she saw my "review" of Josh on his site and thought "well, he too sounds like a rad dude". 

We spoke on the phone and she and Luke hate chair covers just as much as I do, and they love country music as much as I'm not a fan of country music, and they're in to great wine and better food and not too fussy about table settings, but they like nice stuff and good times.

And here we are.

I'll finish with the cheap and easy way out of writing blog posts, quoting amazing emails I get from couples.


Morgs, thank you so much for our photos.  Luke and I love them so much.  

As corny as it sounds, seeing certain photos actually pulled me straight back into those moments and I can remember exactly the second they were taken (even when I didn't know they were being taken), because you captured them so perfectly.  

You got the exact moment I first saw Luke when I was walking up the aisle.

I remember closing my eyes when I hugged Mummy at the end of the aisle because it was taking all I had not to cry.

One of my absolute favourites is when we were walking back to the car after the first part of our portraits and Luke and I were laughing because he had just said "See, I totally married the shit out of you". 

You got Luke's sheer joy/cheering when he saw they had saved us canapés at the reception (while we were off making portraits).

You even got shots of when we were sitting outside the restaurant towards the end of the night because I was sick and Luke was hugging me because I was freezing - and then some of our friends joined us and we were sitting around chatting and having some chilled time.  We had no idea you were even around then.

And that is not to mention the stuff we didn't see.  When I saw the looks on my parents' faces in the photos of when I was hugging each of them after the ceremony had finished, I started crying.  

We are so thrilled with them.  We know you know you are great at what you do and how important your job is - but we just want to say how much we appreciate your talent and the amazing job you did to capture the happiness we felt on our wedding day.  

We are so glad we found you.

Thank you.