Claire & Nathan. The Old Dairy. Sunshine Coast wedding photographer.

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Black & white is alright


I'm really proud of this wedding I was a part of back in April this year at The Old Dairy Maleny with Erin Woodhall. We lucked out with the weather, the catering was impeccable, and the location obviously stunning... but what I remember the most were the moments. I've only shared black and white photos from the reception part of this wedding - I get that colour is real, and nice, and wonderful and all that. But moments are louder in black and white. One day, I might shoot a wedding in all black and white... save for maybe some details that need to be in colour. My friend Natasja Kremers has done this before and I found that work really beautiful, and it suited the couple and the wedding. 

Anyway. This isn't all in black and white. 

This was featured up on White too!

You do so much more than take photos at weddings.

You were hands down our best vendor to work with - we felt you were invested, you cared and you took the time to check in with us throughout the whole experience, and you were so great to have around on the day. We received loads of comments just after the wedding saying what a pleasure it was to have you amongst the crowd.

I’m sure you get it all the time, but hopefully, you don’t tire of it - thank you for all that you do.
— Claire & Nath.