Uschi & Davina. Monochrome wedding photographer.

Brisbane Powerhouse_Wedding_Uschi and Davina_Morgan Roberts_2351.jpg

The low down


I keep threatening this, a whole wedding in black and white. I just feel that what draws me are the moments and the moments speak louder with no colour.

Also, I've got to stop using "just" apologetically.

I make zero apologies.

I've been thinking a tonne about creating and where the work I make sits in that space. I don't feel I'm a creator. What I do is creative but I'm such a reactive person with photography that to take ownership of the photograph is something very strange and disingenuous. Maybe I should go back and read some Sontag again. 

Uschi and Davina made such an amazing day, and when I was looking back over the images the ones that drew me back in the most were these ones.

Please enjoy the story x