Charlie & Emily. Mornington Peninsula. Victorian wedding photographer.

I often go on about couples who really make their day theirs. Emma and I got married in her parents backyard, surrounded by family and friends. Charlie and Emily did the same. There always seems to be a wonderful sense of calm, a sense of place around weddings like this one.

It's just meant to be here.

We're just meant to be here.

I find it so crazy sometimes that people could fly me all over this country to make photographs. Whenever I'm having a week that's not as great, snowed under with work or other stuff, there happens a conversation with someone who I've only recently met, where they're surprised that people fly me around the joint to do this job. 

"That must be such a great feeling though, you know?", they say. "That they loved your work so much they went to that extra expense. Must feel good".

It always seems to happen at just the right time.

This was a good place to be.