Cloud & Sam. Riverlife. Brisbane Wedding Photographer

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Kicking of January like this was pretty amazing. Claudia (Cloud) and Sam found me at the last minute before they moved overseas, and on a hot January afternoon by the river, they married each other. I'm so amazed how "me" they were. There's a photo in here of Cloud getting her earring caught in someones necklace, mid embrace, and her friend remarked "oh don't shoot this!" 

She replied "Nope, we hired Morgs so he could shoot this"

Once again, I had found my people.


Last year when the legislation passed, I felt a little bit of a mania come over the wedding industry. And the wedding industry loves mania. I've never seen anybody get that excited about fucking chair covers, for starters. Anyway, it really bothered me and I realised that some people were becoming fixated on same sex marriage for all the wrong reasons.

There were entire magazines being produced. There were deals being run, specials, offers. All done, I'm sure, with the best of intentions. I mean, not many people are going out of their way in this industry to be difficult, but we've all got different perspectives.

Careful about bandwagons.

You see... I believe that being a champion for something also means not fetishising it, not “othering” it even more. It’s very easy to run around in circles shouting out what needs to happen - and loud is ok - but It’s ok to quietly put out in to the world what one values, without trying to elevate one thing up over another. And I hope that this counts as quiet - and not too self aggrandising - but do not mistake this as gentle politics.

This is a strong opinion.

I’ve been asked so much this year if I’m any busier following the changes to the marriage act last year. At the risk of stepping on some toes, I’m actually happy to say that I’m not. I can’t suddenly have more time to photograph weddings. I can, however, take on awesome couples to make images with. Just like I did least year, and the year before that, and I will continue to do that.

We have to be careful as an industry to not shout so hard that we simply create more boxes and categories. 

This is Sam and Cloud, proudly making their day their own.