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2015 a year in pictures. Morgan Roberts Photography.

What even is a "best of" list?

Whatever it is, this isn't one.

Writing a “best of” list is fraught with danger. I don’t necessarily think this is a comprehensive list of my best work this year, because I love so many photos that aren’t themselves ‘photographically wonderful’. I’ve delivered so many images this year to people, and some of their favourites would be in that same category too. Things aren’t meant to be perfect because then they’d be boring.

This is more a journal of the year, mixing in some good-times, some stuff I’m really proud of, and some stuff that I loved being there for.

To all the people who trusted me in 2015 - thank you. 

Thank you for seeing yourself in my work.

The more these interactions happen, the more it’s normalised for me and others who see the work we make together, the better all the wedding and family albums of the future will be.

Here’s to next year and the one after that too.

May the Force be with you.