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Romelyn and I would just like to again thank you for capturing our precious moments during our “ambush” wedding on 18.10.18. 😁 You were very easy to talk to, and very accommodating to us since the planning stage. From giving us timely responses to our emails, to answering our enquiries and not to mention the Skype meeting we had with you and Elena (her very first Skype meeting). We were honoured.
When you gave us the sneak peek, we knew that we were right to have chosen you as our moments recorder. Then came the photos! We could not be happier with them. They were all amaaaazing!!!! You really captured real moments and everytime we look at them, it transports us back to that very day. We will forever be grateful to you for helping us record the lovely day that was on 18.10.18.
No doubt, when we get married again after 10years, you have to be our professional wedding guest
— Lizette & Romelyn

Morgan was just so much more than we could have asked for during our wedding. With 150+ it was always going to be tricky but we had catch up sessions where we planned ahead and Morgan got a vibe of what we wanted, and the day just went so much smoother with him - we were relaxed and the photos turned out amazing. Thanks again Morgan!
— Naomi & Bon
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Every single time I look through our wedding photos I get goosebumps, I laugh and I cry! Such an amazing day that was captured spectacularly by Morgs. His style of photography and the way he captures all of those special moments is second to none. We wanted wedding photos that were real, raw and captured the emotions of the day - this is exactly what we got from Morgs. We couldn’t have dreamt of a better photographer. And aside from his extraordinary talents, he’s great to hang out and have a beer with! If he’s booked out for your wedding day, move the date of the wedding! He’s seriously that good!!!
— Harmony & Liam

Morgan is the best. That’s all anyone really needs to know. Just book him for your wedding and you will not be disappointed.
Morgs truly was part of what made our day so perfect. My wife & I laughed all afternoon and our wedding portraits are EXACTLY what I asked for. We didn’t make it easy either - our wedding was at the height of summer on a stinking hot day (20 Jan) and yet Morgs still managed to find “that” light.
He listened to us when we said we didn’t want “wedding” photos. He made us feel relaxed in front of the camera. He captured all the important moments with our family, our friends and with each other.
— Claudia & Samantha
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When we started to plan our wedding, Morgan was the first vendor that we booked - we both really enjoy his photography style, and we knew that that was how we wanted to document our celebration. Morgan didn’t disappoint! Morgan was excellent to work with throughout the whole process, from planning months in advance to delivering photos on time afterwards - and with a few photos only days after the actual wedding so that we could share them with our family and friends. On the day Morgan was organised and relaxed, and also helped by politely and skilfully directing excited and well-intentioned but overwhelming guests who all just wanted a photo on their phone! Morgan’s skill in photography has given us photos that captured our wedding with artistry, so that when we look through them all (and there are a lot!) we feel the joy and happiness that we felt on the day. Thank you Morgan - you are an exceptional photographer.
— Kirsten & Jason.

If by chance you’ve somehow stumbled across this whilst deciding as to whether you’ll book Morgan for your wedding - take this as all the sign you need - do it. Morgan does so much more than take photos at weddings, he was such a fantastic presence to have there on such an emotional day! He calms the nervy bits and builds up and brings out the joyful bits. We received loads of comments just after the wedding saying what a pleasure it was to have you amongst the crowd. Morgan, you were our best vendor to work with - we felt you were invested, you cared and you took the time to check in with us throughout the whole experience. His photos bring the soul and feeling of the day back in front of your eyes, which is exactly the part you never want to forget. Thanks again Morgan!
— Claire & Nathan.
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Morgan Morgan Morgan. What can I say. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him in action TWICE this year already. The first time for my wedding and the second at my brother-in-laws wedding. I remember on our wedding day he was just fantastic at keeping me calm, cool and collected and reminding me to just chill and enjoy the day which was well needed.
When Patrick and I were looking through our photos I remember Patrick saying ‘Wow, I don’t even remember Morgan being right there taking photos’ and that’s what Morgan does so well. He’s there to capture moments without you even KNOWING it was a moment *mind blown*. Having also been a guest to another wedding Morgan was shooting, you can really see the love, care, and attention he gives to capture moments.
— Angie & Pat.

From the minute we saw Morgan’s photos on his Instagram page, we knew he was the photographer we had to have! We loved everything about him! Kept us all calm and relaxed on our wedding day and was a general all round great guy! We couldnt be happier with the photos and have been recommending him to everyone. We loved how he captured all those special moments that cant be caught in a posed photo. Real emotions and expressions that simply cant be “put on”. We barely even noticed him there during the ceremony and reception but somehow he just got the most amazing shots!
— Aaron & Rhiannon.
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“Morgs captured our day naturally, and exactly as we wanted. Looking back through the photos, it’s unbelievable how often we say “I didn’t even know he was taking that photo!” His enthusiasm, energy, and professionalism contributed to us now having an amazing set of photo’s to look back on forever. Everything we wanted was easy and no stress on Morgs’ end. We can’t recommend Morgs enough”
— Em & Charlie.

W are so thrilled that we found Morgan. He was such a huge help to us leading up the wedding (even though we were planning from London!). He completely blended in with our family and friends on the day, then delivered just the most stunning pictures so quickly after our event. We are particularly thrilled with the subtle moments Morgan was able to capture for us (many of which we missed ourselves on the day!). We now feel we’ve got a definitive record of our day and a beautiful story told through his pictures. Love him to bits, cannot recommend highly enough!
— Shona & James.
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We know you know that you are great at what you do, and how important your job is - but we just want to say how much we appreciate your talent and the amazing job you did to capture the happiness we felt on our wedding day.

We are so glad we found you.

Thank you.
— Emily & Luke.

You did an incredible job! They are even more amazing than we ever could have imagined. Thank you so much!
— Ebony & Jake.

What can I say about the man that made me literally cry happy tears when I finally saw my amazing photos on his blog and saw the amazing gift that he has given to me and my husband.

I had a cyclone at my wedding and nothing stopped him from capturing the memories I will now have forever.
— Erin & Ross.

After meeting with Morgs for a coffee and explaining about our Steampunk wedding celebration planned for August 2016, he was genuinely as excited about it as much as I was. His documentary style photography is just wonderful and captures the best moments of the day. We are very very happy with the whole experience, and consider it money very well spent. (and we even got a few pics of him participating in the lawn games and having a nerf gun duel with my brother-in-law, so I reckon Morgs might have had a bit of fun too).
— Wendy & Rob.

Morgan’s photos completely blew me away. The day went by so quickly, but thanks to Morgan’s documentary style, so much of it came flooding back the moment I saw the pictures. For the rest of my life, I can truly remember the joy and the emotion of the day, all from these photos. I’m truly humbled to have been blessed to have such a talented photographer spend the day with my family, my new husband, and I. I would strongly, strongly recommend this photographer to anyone (I’d probably slap them if they went somewhere else to be honest). He’s incredible.
— Kelly & Drew.

Somehow he manages to capture every emotion, every thought and feeling that is running through you, so that when you look at the photos you’re instantly transported back. From the little private glances when you think no-one is watching, to the big hearty laughs between guests down the other end of the room - it’s only someone like Morgs, who knows exactly what he’s doing, who is able to capture them just at the right time.
— Michaela & James.

Mate, put this one right on the front of your website.
— Dan O'Day Photographer.