We know you know that you are great at what you do, and how important your job is - but we just want to say how much we appreciate your talent and the amazing job you did to capture the happiness we felt on our wedding day.

We are so glad we found you.

Thank you.
— Emily and Luke

You did an incredible job! They are even more amazing than we ever could have imagined. Thank you so much!
— Ebony and Jake

What can I say about the man that made me literally cry happy tears when I finally saw my amazing photos on his blog and saw the amazing gift that he has given to me and my husband.

I had a cyclone at my wedding and nothing stopped him from capturing the memories I will now have forever.
— Erin and Ross

After meeting with Morgs for a coffee and explaining about our Steampunk wedding celebration planned for August 2016, he was genuinely as excited about it as much as I was. His documentary style photography is just wonderful and captures the best moments of the day. We are very very happy with the whole experience, and consider it money very well spent. (and we even got a few pics of him participating in the lawn games and having a nerf gun duel with my brother-in-law, so I reckon Morgs might have had a bit of fun too).
— Wendy and Rob

Morgan’s photos completely blew me away. The day went by so quickly, but thanks to Morgan’s documentary style, so much of it came flooding back the moment I saw the pictures. For the rest of my life, I can truly remember the joy and the emotion of the day, all from these photos. I’m truly humbled to have been blessed to have such a talented photographer spend the day with my family, my new husband, and I. I would strongly, strongly recommend this photographer to anyone (I’d probably slap them if they went somewhere else to be honest). He’s incredible.
— Kelly and Drew

Somehow he manages to capture every emotion, every thought and feeling that is running through you, so that when you look at the photos you’re instantly transported back. From the little private glances when you think no-one is watching, to the big hearty laughs between guests down the other end of the room - it’s only someone like Morgs, who knows exactly what he’s doing, who is able to capture them just at the right time.
— Michaela and James

Mate, put this one right on the front of your website.
— Dan O'Day

Wow! Morgan, I cannot even express how amazed I am with our album. You are incredibly talented and we are honoured that we had you as our photographer. You managed to capture every precious moment, even the small memories with Rosaria that I would have missed and the ones I may have forgotten had I not seen these pictures.
I laughed and welled-up at as I flicked through the photos again this morning. We are both so touched and know that we will always be able to look back on these and remember every single emotion from that day.
— Rosaria and Levi
Morgan takes stunning snapshots into your special day: snapshots not in the photo sense, but literally a snapshot into the real emotions and nuances of your moments. He is a silent observer, capturing the little things - that cheeky half-smile of a private joke, the wrinkle of a nose ... his street photography is superb and I love seeing his new work every time. Morgan photographed our wedding in 2013 and our newborn baby in 2014 and we can’t wait to work with him again!
— Brigette and Steve
Choosing Morgan as our photographer was the first decision we made when we were planning our wedding and it was the easiest! I’d loved his photos from my other friends’ wedding and on our special day he didn’t disappoint! I look at frames of our wedding photos every day around our home and I know in the years to come they won’t have lost any of their brilliance! I have and will continue to recommend him as a photographer!
— Caitlin and Nat
Morgan photographed my wedding in March 2015, and how lucky I was to have him there! He hung out with us when we were getting ready and made everyone feel so, so relaxed. I normally shy away from photographs, but I didn’t feel like I had a spotlight on me at all (from Morgan, at least!). He had a tough gig that day... the weather was atrocious (rain, hail, cyclonic winds, you know... the usual), but Morgan still managed to find the right light in the right place at the right time. He captured the most beautiful candid shots of our guests, and the photos he took really did tell the story of the day. We didn’t want lots of posed photos, we aren’t good at them, so we asked Morgan to focus on capturing the happiness of the day, the dancing grandmas, the sneaky winks, the nerves in our eyes... and my goodness what a stellar job he did. I am *so pleased* with every single photo that he took for us, and even more pleased that he was such a big part of our day.
Thank you Morgan!
— Emma and Andy