Wedding photography packages


2018 – 2019

all prices inc. GST

All packages are beautifully delivered in high resolution, in a personalised online gallery, ready to print. 

All packages include a slideshow of the highlights.

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Package one.




photographic coverage.

up to 6 hours.


Southeast Queensland & northern NSW, Australia.

It doesn't have to be massive to be important.

Usually covers from the end of prep until the start of the reception.

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Package two.




photographic coverage.

up to 9 hours.



Most extravaganzas require time to let the good stuff come naturally.

Don't do a dance at 6pm to make sure I'm there. Wait.

Do it your way.

Usually covers a up to 2 hours of prep and 2-3 hours of reception.

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Package three.




photographic coverage.

up to 12 hours with a second shooter (valued at $600)



Because I'll love your dance floor as much as you will.

Because ‘getting ready’ photos are more than just shoes & dresses.

Because ‘can we have just one more photo’ is never an issue.

The last drunk uncle on the dancefloor. 

I'm basically yours until there's nothing left in the tank.





Extra Hours (after 12 hours).



Scroll down.

Second Shooter.



Hangout sessions





Hangouts are delivered in the same format as
the images for your wedding.

Before the wedding, let's make some photographs together. It's nice to hang out, relax and make images where you're not just in suits and dresses. They are timeless, personal and informal, and totally all about you. I usually suggest doing a hobby you're both into, getting a beverage at your local, or just hanging out at your place.

(they can also make wonderful images for your invitations).



Fine art albums


fine art album







extra pages.

$45.– p/spread (2 pages),
(up to 80 pages total).



parent album






identical to the main album at a smaller size - perfect for parents and family members.

I don't believe coffee table computers are a thing. I feel the story of your day is best preserved and presented in an album; something tangible, personal and unique.

My albums are designed by Renee Blake who is totally the best. Order your album with your wedding package for a 15% discount. Remember that you can ask family and friends to contribute to an album as a wedding gift using Album Registry.





Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, & Northern NSW.
(covers accomodation if coverage finishes after 9.00PM).


Sydney & Greater NSW.


Melbourne, Canberra & Adelaide and North QLD.


Perth & WA.



Custom - ask for a quote!

I need to cover any travel expenses for interstate weddings. I don't make money on these fees. As much of a luxury it may seem, travel keeps me fresh and inspired and helps drive my personal photography, which got me in to this game in the first place. It's all a cycle.





What do we get?

Every wedding is different. The amount of images I deliver varies depending on bridal party, guests, locations, pretty much everything! It seems like a bit of an arbitrary estimate, but it's around 50 images per hour of coverage. I aim to deliver the best selection of images that reflect the story of your day. I don't give out RAW files or every single image delivered, and honestly who wants slightly-not-as-good versions of those amazing moments when I've delivered the best one?! I deliver about 2/3rds of every wedding in colour. I also love crunchy black and white images that allow for expressions and moments to shine through.


what are you like on the day?

I believe being unobtrusive and being distant aren't the same thing. I like to keep it simple, and I don't hide away from the action. I don't need much from you on the day other than your trust. That's a big thing of course, but with that, all the other details fall in to place. I allow plenty of time in our pre-wedding consultations to nut out all the details, and I have a running sheet that you can fill out to help with that.


Why do you cost, you know, not $500.–?

I invest a great deal of time in to every wedding, both before and after the day. I just can't fathom doing it any other way. Meetings, phone calls, Skype calls, emails – these take time and effort. Plus, on the day I'm 100% there. It's just how I remain sustainable.

I'm also really bloody good at my job.

Here's some of the things I do that directly affect you, to make sure I can deliver a great product to you next week, and your best friend in 5 years time.

  • I invest time and money every year to make myself a better photographer.

  • Myself and my gear are fully insured.

  • I always bring backup gear.

  • I regularly service all my gear to make sure it's 100%.

  • As a registered Nikon pro I can get loaner gear at super short notice.

  • I backup all images in-camera using two memory card slots AS I WORK.

  • I create five copies of your images as soon as I return to the studio.

  • Yes, FIVE! That's four BACKUPS, and one that I work off.

  • Two of these go off-site the next time I leave the house.

  • I pay all my tax/GST and I'm not a gangsta.

  • I have a solid set of online systems that make sure I don't double book or forget important details.


What are your credentials?

I've been photographing since 2005, and I went full time with this little business in 2012. I have a bachelors degree in Photojournalism from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, and I'm also a member of the Australian Industry of Professional Photography. This is a government recognised body that supports photographers all over the country in continued professional development. You can learn more about them here and what that means for you here. They have annual state and national level awards, of which I am a recipient in Wedding and Documentary categories, and in 2017 I received the Capture Magazine Emerging Wedding Photographer of the Year award.

You can also read what my couples say about me here.


What stuff do you use?

I use and love Nikon cameras and lenses all the way from 20mm (my fav dance floor lens) to my 105mm (portraits, tiny moments, epic full length dress photos, you name it)

I spend most of my editing time in Lightroom, and occasionally use Photoshop. If there's time and space for us to slow down and make some portraits on film, I like to bust out my Mamiya RZ67, and for my personal/travel work I use Fuji and Leica cameras.


When do we get our photographs?

I deliver images within 8 weeks of your wedding day. I take care on every frame to make sure it's the best it can possibly be, including retouching portrait images. My rule is that if it's not there normally, I'll get rid of it. Any extensive retouching is by request, on a case by case basis.


What if you’re suddenly unavailable?

I will let you know ASAP if I’m injured or otherwise unavailable in an emergency. I will offer to find a replacement photographer or a total refund. I’m part of a wonderful community of photographers all over the place that will be able to step in at the last minute.


Can we customise a package?

Totally! Every wedding is different. Let me know exactly what you're after, and we can work something out.


How do we pay you?

You can pay via bank transfer or credit card. I take a 50% deposit payable within 48 hours of booking, with the balance to be settled 30 days before your wedding.


Are you a real person?

YES! Alive and kicking. I have too many hobbies - I love music (I have a great vinyl collection guys), video games, comics and podcasting. I guess the outdoors are also pretty good too! & these guys :)